You should be in pictures!

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Hello and happy Easter to everyone!! I decided to start with a new project of video tape/ amateur filming! I decided to start with a couple of small businesses of a couple of friends! Now mind you, when watching I … Continued


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USMC Cpl. Joshua Taylor will be arriving home in Marietta, Ohio, tomorrow around 6PM from his last journey to be laid to rest. Please come out and line the streets with a flag from exit 1 to Hadley funeral home … Continued

Bubba, them things got teeth!

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Looks like the walleye are starting their run up or down the rivers I should say from Lake Erie! The bite has been slow but should pick up! Her is the link to report and river map

Got the itch!

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I don’t know about anyone else but I am really sick and tired of all this precipitation!! C’mon sunny days!! I am ready to catch some fish! Especially a biggy like this one! Caught in July of 2011 around midnight, … Continued

perfect couple

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i think this is a start to a beautiful friendship!! these are the first two prototypes of the ‘BUFF’ and i dont thing i will have to change a thing!!

Back to skool

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Well I am in the process and a major undertaking for me! Getting the Bass University to come to Marietta Ohio next January or February ! I put feelers out and it is looking good! I have a lot of … Continued

small water magic

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Spring is trying to come but ol man winter keeps trying to hold on for as long as he can! And I am ready to go fishing! Looks like I might have to start out in some of the small … Continued

Critter of the week

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Boy I tell you what! I am glad my pumpkin is attached otherwise I would forget it like I forget to post the Critter of the Week! Northern Bobwhite Quail

All Bugs!

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Good evening bass geeks! With all the cold air, work and lack of time and funds to go somewhere warm! All I have left to do is go over my tackle, and form a few thoughts about what exactly is … Continued

Whiskers me timber!

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Hello cat fisherman! I found a good spot to catch some blues and flats! That location is Catfish Paradise in Constitution, Ohio(Marietta). It is at the intersection of State Rt 7 and Veto Rd. It is open for business , … Continued