Memorial Day

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I would like to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day..And a special salute and prayer to all who gave their lives defending, thier brothers in arms, thier families and our great nation. Never Forget!

Lake Chatauqua, New York

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Had an absolute Fantastic time the past two weekends in New York, with my wife Anne and grandson, john, and my friend Todd! The first weekend we caught several fish, but froze our buns off, this past weekend was a … Continued

My best friends

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Went to Chatauqua Lake in south west New York for two days of fishing yesterday was slow, but the fishing was a bit better today, temp 45, winds were 20-25 from the WSW , snow ans sleet flurres all day, … Continued

Bite me!

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Here’s a quick report for Seneca Lake in Guernsey County, water temp65 sh ,clear to stained to muddy, wind was blowing 10-20 today, starring up a lot of sediment. The bass were a active, average was 14″ caught on senko … Continued

Bang on the drums all day!!

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This is a pretty cool video captured by friends , David and Laura Hughes using a trail cam. That guy acts like he knew he was being filmed and posing for Hollywood!!

Sing birdy, sing!!

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The other day while out playing with my 4 legged kids, I saw one of these guys along the wood line, singing up a storm! He sounded and acted like he was having a good time!why can’t our days be … Continued