Lake Erie

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Went to Lake Erie this weekend at Presque Isle in Pennsylvania for the first time. And I should say Friday was a bust! I was never more disgusted about fishing in my life! Good thing my grandson was there to … Continued

Alabama Rig

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Here’s the 411 on the use of the umbrella rig AKA the ‘Alabama Rig ‘ in Ohio

Nap time!

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Well the bluegill, are still shallow and biting but that will be rapping up soon as they move to the breaklines, and weedbeds for cover so they can take summertime nap period! After all , I now with the warm … Continued

Ah what fragrance!

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Just saw this fragrant little family, strolling across the street this evening. While cute and cuddly, they are wild animals and should be respected as such and give them their room. It is never a good idea to try and … Continued


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well now! My young 13 year old fishing buddy got a treble hook impaled to his thigh area! Of course being 13 he is an emotional mess! I guess one of the first things you should teach your apprentice is … Continued


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No matter how cute these little guys are, they can be vicious only because they are protecting themselves, give them their distance, most often momma is near, but i think these guys are premantly separated and will require some human … Continued

Golden moments

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I spent the day with my grandson, fishing the day away! We started the day at a friends pond, and John proceeded to put a whooping on me! 12-5 ! Geesh!! I was sitting down on the dam section of … Continued