What am I ?

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Hello my outdoorsy people!! Lets see if you can identify what I am!!as compared to this bic pen cap!

What’s biting?

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Hey WV, the rain is calming down, I called stonewall marina and they said the water is clear and stable, but with said rain storms, they always end up washing down debris into the lake, so always keep a keen … Continued

Nite moves!

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Wow is it getting hit out here! A friend of mine, Mike recently went out night fishing with his 2 boys, and reeled in this beast With the hot weather really settling in on us, and the critters that inhabit … Continued

Party up!

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Hello sports fans ! Well even though the races were cancelled, there will still be plenty of festivities going on downtown Marietta. As everyone knows the River is a BIG OLE muddy mess!! Now with that said unless you know … Continued

C’mon lets Ride

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Went for a bike ride today around Marietta on the River Trail path. I parked my vehicle along the levee (riverfront) and started my ride. I rode probably 6 miles as a guess. I saw a few pretty cool things!, … Continued

Row Row Row your boat!

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Hey everyone!! Boy do we need some rain, there is dry spot in my drive way!!. Seriously though, with all the rain we have had, all of the rivers and streams are on brink of flooding, so now is not … Continued


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Hello everyone!. Dont forget about the Marietta Riverfront Roar, this weekend , July 12-14. You can launch your boat to watch or pop a seat on the levee!! there will be concessions set up on pike st and you can … Continued

July 4th and family

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Well we had a great time this 4 th of July eveni g with our family! Hamburgers hotdogs, watermelon, badmitten and fireworks!