Hunters education

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Attention all you prospective hunters out there! Jon Wentz will be hosting a hunters education class, friday Sept 20 from 6-930 pm and Saturday , Sept 21 from 8am to 4 pm, at Warren Fire Dept station 1 on hwy … Continued

Let the cool rain flow!!

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Well as we all know this summer has been unusually wet!As the summer progresses to fall, it brings cool rain and temps at night, that cool off the lakes rivers and streams. This in turn turns on the fish to … Continued

American beauty

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has anyone ever considered taking a trip to yester year? traveling back in time to the days of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn!! today the American Queen stops in Marietta, for people to check out the old river towns, that … Continued

My gonna hafta muss ya up?

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Sitting at the firehouse this evening, a cooper hawk came swooshing in to the pine tree, behind the station, with a small bird, in his clutches. Following or should I say chasing him was a juvenile red tail hawk, sitting … Continued

Ol Monsters

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Hey all you cat fisherman, I just came across this in the wild Ohio e-news!! All big whisker hunters here’s your chance to show off your prowess of a big cat hunter!! Hurry starts the 16! I have included a … Continued

Hooked on fishing!

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Good afternoon folks! Just a little reminder, to leave pillows at home while fishing in the boat! That way you will avoid getting hooks in your pillow, and then in your finger! If you must have pillow, make sure your … Continued

The Life and Times of Modern Ammo

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Did you ever wonder what makes ammunition,’ bullets’ go bang? Well it’s a pretty simple process, that is activated by the weapons firing pin! Modern cartridge type ammunition, has a small ‘cap’ ,called the primer, that is inserted into the … Continued

Feel the coolness

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Well with the cooler weather we have been having the past week, it may have a positive impact on our fishing opportunity in the area. Make haste, and get out on your favorite lake, river, or pond and enjoy the … Continued