Monday Night Deer Porn

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Like I said folks, do your homework, or should I say field work, ground pounding, etc. it will pay off. These pictures come from a friend of mine and were taken over the past several days from 530 pm to … Continued

Indian Summer

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Well another weekend has come and gone, with the majority of it being very pleasant , and today not so much. With most of the Midwest being hit hard with severe storms, we offer prayers to the families and towns … Continued

Timing is everything

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Like I said a little ground work, a few cameras in the right places is the difference in filling the freezer or going home empty handed. Grant, Excellent job on your first deer this year! C’mon My other friend, get … Continued

Buck fever

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Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a good hunting season so far! I haven’t had to many people posting any deer pictures on my fb page, but here are a few from this year and 2010. Those are some … Continued

A little helping hand!

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So , as the days carry on.. So does our vision, right to the eye doctor! Which for us fisherman is a real hassle not being able to see as well as we like! There are many ways to help, … Continued


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Hello fisherman and boat owners! Are you finished with boating this year?? If so don’t forget about your batteries. If your boat is stored away from home, or outside, remove your batteries, and keep them at home in the garage, … Continued