2014 is upon us!

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Well looks like Christmas 2013 has come and gone, and 2014 is upon us here in 3 days! I hope everyone had a most enjoyable and Merry Christmas with your family! Now it’s time to sort through all your outdoor gear and get it cleaned, tuned up and ready for the upcoming spring for fishing and hunting, or any other outdoor activity you may enjoy! And learn how to use the stuff Santa left under your tree!
I have been working on my gear and doing some modifications to some of my fishing rods.

The newest trend in rods these past few years has been the split handle and removing the fore grip, so fisherman can get better feel from there rods. This picture illustrates a before and after making split grip handle. This can be done on most modern rods that have the blank going all the way through the handle. Provided the handle is centered on the blank. I have a couple of rods that the handle is off center, so I am just going to leave them as they are. I am not sure how the would do split, but I don’t feel like messing them up, with the cork breaking off from twisting on handle.
If you are interested in having your full grip handle split like this, give me ring!
Happy New Year!

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