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Good evening bass geeks! With all the cold air, work and lack of time and funds to go somewhere warm! All I have left to do is go over my tackle, and form a few thoughts about what exactly is a fish thinking, or seeing when we throw lures to them hoping to get bit! Now! If it were me I would be seeing a roast beef sandwhich! Bass are almost totally visual feeders, and they can see pretty far depending on the clarity of the water they live in. Bass also go off of vibrations through their lateral line and scent through there ‘nostrils’ located just in front of and between there eyes. Wow almost human! Except there vision in the water is probably 400x better!
Anyways what are they thinking? Well, there are many different creatures swimming around the water we fish! From snails, fish, crustaceans, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians , rodents, birds and, If they are ornery enough a mammal! So we as fisherman try to imitate what they have to eat!
The skirted jig is one of the most used lures for bass as well as other fish such as crappie. You can get a jig to match just about any critter that swims or crawls or slithers. Jigs come in all sizes and you can add soft plastic lures to give them a little more bulk and movement or action. Nothing is to crazy when jig fishing! People use rubber craws, worms, pork trailers , big worms, little worms. Skirts made with living rubber, silicone rubber or even hair with texture like horse, squirrel or rabbit fur! And all colors!! You can crawl em, swim em , hop them, jerk em, yo yo retrieve. No way is wrong!
When it comes to presentation try all the different ways to get their attention. Try to match what they are eating by visualizing the cover the bass are on. Rocks , try to use a crawfish color from browns to blue and dark green color. Bluegill, try to have a little blue strands with green and orange colors ! Each material has a different action, movement to the skirt. Play with the different kinds of jigs in a pool or in a shallow area of pond or lake so you can see how the bait acts in the water! .
Last but not least, match your line to the cover you are fishing! In clear water I use a flouro carbon line 15-20 lb. test. Now if I want a slow fall I will use monofilament line maybe 17. -20 lb line or braid . Heavy cover or docks strictly braid in the 50 lb range. For rods i use a 7 ft med to med heavy with mono or flouro and heavy flipping with moderate power when using braid. You can use spinning, but stick to smaller jigs like Eakins, Berkley finesse or Strike King bitsy bug, and lower your line size accordingly. I have included a picture of the many different colors, sizes, and materials used in jigs, Plano flipsider jig/spinner box, and a jig that looks like he’s a badboy! Now go catch some!




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