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If you ever have a chance, take a veteran fishing, hunting, heck even camping and capture some of their stories of their time serving our great nation with the US military. Some just can’t do it with out help from someone willing to put forth the effort to make a memorable trip for them. After all they sacrificed so much for us to be able to enjoy what we do and that’s the outdoors! Today 72 years ago, our nation was attacked over. 2,400 military men and women were killed at Pearl Harbor, Oahu , Hawaii, as the Empire of Japan attacked on that Sunday morning

The USS West Virginia

The USS Arizona

USS Arizona memorial, Never Forget

Sailors at the Kaneohe Naval Air Station place flags, and leis over the graves of their fallen Pearl Harbor brothers.

The USS Bennington, salute to the USS Arizona, 1958.

Pearl Harbor survivor , John R Stevens, USMC, Semper Fi Marine

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