Buck fever

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Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a good hunting season so far! I haven’t had to many people posting any deer pictures on my fb page, but here are a few from this year and 2010.


Those are some nice deer Dan!

While Ohio and West Virginia have a tremendous deer population, it pays to do your ground work, early in the fall late summer. Going out and scouting around your prospective hunting areas, looking for trails, and potential areas where deer hang out, such as around hard wood forest, near streams, and farm land. There are a lot of tools available to the hunter, provided they are legal to use, such as growing food plots, minerals, decoys, deer lures, trail cameras. All of this can enhance your hunting experience. Just make sure your guns and bows are sighted in and in top working condition, and you are in top working order especially your ability to hit your target to ensure you have a quick clean kill. And get your family involved! It is really a calming effect to be out in wods listening to the critters working for winters rest, and the leaves and limbs rustling. Lets se some of your pictures from your trip.


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