Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to all! As we roll into 2014, we all look for better things for us and our family, visions of winning the lottery, or the publishers clearing house, getting a new and exciting job, getting a raise, … Continued

Still tinkering

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Just finished putting the finish on another rod I modified. It is a 7’6″ flipping stick extreme by BPS. While cork really doesn’t weigh much, just taking a little off makes a little difference during a day of fishing. Plus … Continued

My turn!

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Yep!! I did it!! Working on some new lures I made and managed to jam a Mustad Ultra Point Triple Grip treble hook right into the tip of my middle finger! Bad part is I forgot to video the hook … Continued

Achey parts

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Well sorry I hav t posted any new material lately, been dealing with achey parts, bulging disk and arthritis in my hip!! Had cortizone injections today in these mentioned areas, still hurts like crazy, hopefully it kicks in soon! Wow, … Continued

Sunshine and a nap!

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went put for awhile with my grandson, trying to fish a little. But the non biting fish, Bright Gorgeous Sun , and a soft patch of grass next to the pond forced us to lay there and chill!

Tough Times

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i have undertaken probably the hardest thing i have ever tried to do! that is trying to obtain sponsors for a sport fishing event in Marietta! Especially now during this wonderful economy! The Bass University! hopefully i will be successful … Continued

Whiskers me timber!

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Hello cat fisherman! I found a good spot to catch some blues and flats! That location is Catfish Paradise in Constitution, Ohio(Marietta). It is at the intersection of State Rt 7 and Veto Rd. It is open for business , … Continued