Christmas Eve

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Here we are! Already Christmas Eve. Where has the year gone? Well for me it went a little to work and a little to fishing and exploring the area around my house! Maybe today I will go out and try and wake up a few bass at a local pond! It’s cold outside you say? Well the fish don’t care! After all they do have to eat daily! It’s just a matter of getting a bait right in their face and present it in a way that they have no choice but to bite! Most of the time that presentation will be S L O W! But don’t be afraid to use a bait that gets its action while moving fast such as a swim bait, spoon , or even a little George ! Yes I have seen them all work this time of the year! One of my friends was fishing this past week and caught a few big Northern Pike and. Large mouth bass. Some reports are coming in from below Dillon dam on a good channel cat bite , and a local lake several 4 lb + largemouth caught on swim baits.



These fish were caught on the 16 th of this month on a spoon similar to a little Cleo. Notice the white stuff on the ground?
Don’t be afraid to go out and give it a try. Just dress appropriate and be careful around the water because you definitely don’t want to take a swim. Stay away from high swift water! Stay off the Ice! Always let your family know where you are going and when you will be back.

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