C’mon spring, where are you?

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Good afternoon my friends! it has really been a long winter session this year! I was really thinking from a mild December the next few months weren’t going to be that bad! Whoopsy! I guess I miss judged that one! Oh well, it is 23 days till spring arrives, and hopefully a little calm, and warm southern air finds its way up here and melts all this snow!

snowy river 1
peaceful day on the river








The other day I was sitting out by the riverfront drinking my coffee, and it almost seemed as if everything stopped! There is always traffic noise in the area, but for some reason it had al faded away! All I could hear is the ice flowing and bumping going downstream on the river! Even though it was only 10 degrees outside, I felt really warm from basking in the sun! I only wish my wife,Anne had been off from work to enjoy the tranquility of the moment. I am so ready for spring so I can get out on the water, fish a little, nap a little, have some lunch, fish a little more!

C’mon spring!! where are you?

snowy river 2


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