Deer Masters

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The 2013 Ohio Deer season is rapidly approaching , Sept 28, 2013. Have you been practicing your shot? Is your equipment up to snuff? Do you need to upgrade? Are your arrows strait and true? Do your broad heads have nice sharp blades on them? These are just a few of many things to consider before you take to the woods to bag that buck of a lifetime! Make sure you know the laws! The game wardens do not give warnings! Follow all the laws to a T, and that way your hunt won’t be spoiled if you get checked by the ODNR!
Make sure you look at all the resources your state has to offer, and in this day and time, you can check it all out sitting in your recliner and surfing the web!!
The technology we have today with our gear is really unbelievable , as compared to just 10 years ago. The size of the bows these days are so incredibly compact ad powerful, you wonder how we managed to carry around the old 40-45″ bows, and even bigger! Now we have composite arrow shafts that can take quite a beating and still be able to use. The old aluminum and wood shafts we used were tough but one good hit on a rock and they were toast! The speed some of our bows are shooting are incredible! Some this year are shooting 366 fps, as compared to my old Bear at 187fps!! WOW !!


Our bows have definitely come a long ways. The top picture is Bear Whitetail hunter from the 1980s
And the bottom is 2013 PSE Omen Max$$! Now these two bows are similar looking but as different as a Pinto compared to a Shelby Mustang! The Bear was a good learning bow, for its time, but could have been better for hunting. It was rather noisy, but folks have taken many a deer with it!
But your newer top end bows you can barely hear them when released, and that increases your chance of a game kill, and at the same time nothing is better if you don’t practice. If you are new to hunting and want to try with bow and arrow, you can get started packages for around $400, just add arrows and tips! As you get better you will want to try different accessories, such as a hunting release. I learned to shoot the traditional way with fingers on the string! If you have a questions or need help choosing a package that’s right for you, give me a shout or go your nearest outfitter!
Enjoy a few deer pics

What the heck is he thinking! Go Cleveland !!

Big Dan!


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