Easter 1980

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When I was a teenager, every Easter was my dad and I que to go fishing, well on this one Easter morning we had a slight wind blowing along the bank. Our favorite spot was a short stretch of bank next to an old fence line at an old red river oxbow. This lake was chock full of big fish! So we are doing pretty good catching some 2-3 lb bass and rather large crappie using johnson shimmy shad spinners. Well I made a cast parallel to this fence row and the wind blew my line over the horizontal post connecting to verticals. As I am reeling I get next to the post and my lure stopped! Naturally I thought I was hung up on the wire under the water, so I let tension off of lure but no success still hung up. So I started pulling hard with my zebco 33/ uglystik combo and this GIANT largemouth bass pops up out of the water firmly attached to my lure. So I am about to go crazy when I see this fish. Mind you the horizontal post is at least 12-14 inches from the surface of the water. I have him reeled all the way up to this post, and her gill plates are still in the water!! About that time my dad comes running over and about to wade out after that bass, and POP.. My line broke! This was WAY before the likes of SpiderWire! Let’s see?? Oh yea17 lb Stren fluorescent gold line! We both dropped to our knees in disbelief! I have no doubt that fish was a 15-20 lb fish! I will never forget it..Unfortunately that was 1980 long before cell phones and digital cameras, so those moments only live in my memory.

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