Friday Crankbait Action….. CRUNCH!!

Got to get out on Seneca Lake 2 weeks ago, and I had a banner day!!! The bass were really in the mood to eat!. Started out the day looking for the warmest water in could find, which was 68 degrees  on the east end of the lake where the water was pretty stained to a muddy. The first thing I tried was a little top water fishing with a super fluke and a buzzbait, without results.

Next I tied on a Bandit 100 series in the Tennessee Shad color, throwing it in the ugliest cover I could find! Found a small cove with several old logs laying up close to the bank with about a foot or 2 of water under it. It was game on!!

Bandit 100 Tennessee Shad and Strike King 1.5 Chartreuse black back

imageThose fish CRUSHED that crankbait! While I hung up every other cast, it was well worth it. Caught probably 30 bass out of 2 spots like this. One would think to use braided line in this situation, but 17 lb mono was called for the job! Why you ask? Well while you probably wouldn’t worry as much about losing a bait in the cover, using braid, you would ruin the spot by moving the wood when you are trying to get your lure. So I chose the mono which has good stretch and you can pop the lure loose from the wood. You grab your line about a few feet above the rod tip and grab another part of the line going to the lure and  pull it tight as if you were shooting an arrow and release. This works very well with mono because of the line stretch. It may take a few times, but usually pops loose. This spot produced for about 3 hours, then I moved around, fishing around some boat docks in clearer water.!image

While i hate shameless plugs, i gotta throw this out there! One of the most important tools I used was my Minnkota Talon shallow water anchor! It is important to keep as silent as possible when fishing this way and to not stir up the water. The fish are pretty spooky when they are this shallow, and using the talon to hold me in place kept me off the trolling motor, and it keeps you from drifting into the cover.



Here’s a few of the fish I caught and yes, they are all different.

WOW, what a day I wont forget!








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