Full Moon Fever

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All right you fishing fanatics, our days are starting to get longer, and our weather is so topsy turvy the fish are probably on their way for the spring ritual of building a nest and spawning! This month the full moon is on the 25, so as old sayings go 3 days before and 3 days after a new or full moon is when there is peak activity in the fish world! with a new moon on march 11.
So with the goofy weather the water is not as cold as usual this month. The temp of Lake Erie is 34 degrees off of Cleveland and Lake Ontario is 37! These lakes should still be below 32 and covered in ice! But they are not according to recent ODNR fishing reports. So all this will be sending the older female fish up the spawning grounds and putting on the feed bag on there way in!
Most of the time we wait till it , being the weather is nice, warm and stable so we can enjoy fishing without freezing! Which pretty much describes me as I get older!!. But that’s a mistake I plan on correcting this year! I have plenty of woollies to keep me warm!! The fish being cold blooded are going to start looking for warmer water and food! Being mid February right now, they probably won’t stay in the shallow warmer water except to chase food and then back to the points and ditches leading in to the spawning area. I say shallow loosely, not necessarily 2-5 ft deep water but higher in the water column looking for shad. They can be in both areas, you just have to look for the food with your electronics or visualize them on the surface. Jerk baits, swimbaits, and umbrella rigs or jigs and craw baits dragged along the bottom fished painfully slow should do the trick when you find the shad or rocky areas where crawfish hang out! Other areas to look are rocky banks, riprap, and on southeast facing areas as these will warm up first. Try to avoid muddy water as this will be colder. Traditionally most fish spawn when the water gets to be 60 degrees f. But a lot of the older fish may spawn in water thats in the lower 50’s, and i have definitely seen some BIG ole bass, doing there thing in the 50’s! So with this information in hand , I believe I will give it a whirl here this coming weekend!
I hope this will help you while you are out in the world chasing the Moon!

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