Golden moments

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I spent the day with my grandson, fishing the day away! We started the day at a friends pond, and John proceeded to put a whooping on me! 12-5 ! Geesh!! I was sitting down on the dam section of the pond, and watching him work his way around this pond, like he knew every single little spot where those whiley little green fish would hide! As if he were saying ‘At this pond’ I am King, I am predator!’ That boy would live, eat, sleep, breath fishing if he could! He has perfected his skills of casting a rod and reel, not only a spinning outfit, but the bait casters most adults , including my friends that are either too scared or too impatient to learn the ways of the level wind reel! I am really happy he has taken to the outdoors like this! Today we also went wading in a local small river- creek for smallmouth. This was the first time he did this. He had his reservations about it, due to the 3 ft snake we saw earlier in this area, but John eventually worked up his courage to jump in with me.
We each caught 1 small bass about 13 inches in length , but these fish ounce per ounce, pound for pound fight like no other due to them swimming in strong current all the time!! I am really impressed with ths boy and I look forward to many more days on he water with him!





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