Happy New Year!

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Good evening folks! Well another Christmas has come and gone, and now we wait for 2015 to ring in! I hope everyone has a happy healthy new year! At least that’s what I hope for! As the days go by the sun is setting later in the day. What does that mean? Well in some parts of the US, people are getting in their boats, hittin the banks hoping for a monster to take the bait!

While in my neck of the woods, there are a few hardy souls that still venture out, but the majority are just dreaming of warmer spring weather, and going over The new tackle we received for Christmas! Then they look at their old rods and reels discovering something is broke and not working right! Don’t be the guy that makes it to his favorite honey hole and finds out his ‘FAVORITE’ rod and reel has a broken eye, and his reel is frozen from rust! Get your gear to a local repair shop now, so when that warm day hits you will be able to fish with out any troubles! Or you can send them to me for cleaning or repair! My reels are cleaned and lubed EVERY year!

This picture is of my ultra sonic cleaner after 2 reels have been cleaned. YUCK!!! Happy Fishing Folks!!



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