Indian Summer

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Well another weekend has come and gone, with the majority of it being very pleasant , and today not so much. With most of the Midwest being hit hard with severe storms, we offer prayers to the families and towns that were affected today with the tornadoes!
Now for more pleasant topic! I was able to get out and do a little fishing with a couple of family and friends. The bite yesterday wasn’t to exciting, we all did manage to catch a few fish on a variety of lures and live bait (earthworms). In our part of the country, the bass and other gamefish are still likely to be actively feeding, as compared to later in the winter when they only feed occasionally

This fish was caught on a small crankbait, in a Tennessee shad color

This crappie

20131117-204152.jpgwas caught last weekend on a chartreuse spinnerbait

This little guy is one of three that decided to bite! Caught him with a 5″ superfluke
I have heard that the smallmouth on the Ohio are still feeding as well.
So if the deer woods are slow, get out afterwords and hit your favorite pond,lake, or river

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