Knot wars!

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Good evening everyone! While I lay here watching my poor cubbies getting it paddled by the A’s in spring training, I thought I would write about an app I found on the Internet. It is called Knot Wars!
It was designed by The North American Fishing Club. It provides a video illustration of how to tie at least 30 different knots including the breaking point in pounds with 3 different types of line.
What’s great about it is that it’s 100% FREE!! Plus once you load it , you don’t need the Internet for it to work! So that means you can be deep in the wilderness and still have this techno at your fingertips! Some of the knots are a little tricky to tie, but the most common and reliable knots such as palomar, or the uni knot are easy! Give it try! I have been using these knots for years , but I still forget sometime and it is good to have this readily available!


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