Let’s get situated

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WFalcon FTO 501    How organized are you? Save time and frustration for other things! When we go fishing , we want our trip to be non stressful and fun! So get organized.

My hook and sinker box is one way I like to organize my terminal tackle. There are several ways, and ideas to do it, from Plano 3700 boxes to sandwich bags and storage containers. Anything that makes it easy for you to quickly find the right tool for the job at hand is your goal. A few years ago I started using the Falcon FTO 501 hook and sinker box, which is now a Plano brand. These boxes hand each compartment fixed and labeled in the bottom.

I used a black sharpie to label the lid coresponding with each compartmentA good idea, but when full of hooks and sinkers, you would’nt be able to read whats in the compartment. So I took a black sharpie, and labeled the lid, and last several seasons from being rubbed off. Now I can quickly see every single size of hook and sinker at a glance and not have to hunt for it or remember which is which! Thats what I call getting situated!

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