Money saving tips

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Hello everyone! With all the uncertainty in our financial world. Uncle Sam furloughing his employees! , we still want to do the things that makes our lives worth it! Such as fishing
I have a few tips to share with you to make it possible!
1. Instead of replacing your fishing line on your pole, instead reverse it on your reel. This brings the unused portion to the top!
2. Try recycling your soft plastic lures using soldering iron and melt the torn areas.
3.Sharpen your old fishing hooks.
4. Paint old worn hard baits.
5.leave the boat home and hit some of the ponds that dot the area.
6. No money for boat gas and oil. Just use the trolling
Hopefully our economy will turn around and we can carry on with our outdoor time as usual, but I hope these few tips will ell you from being home bound!

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