Mother Nature

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Looks like Mother Nature is trying to trick us in staying inside! For me it’s working!! Or maybe just my aspirin regimen s keeping me on the chilly side! Anyways it’s cold out and the rivers and creeks are open and looking good! If its gonna snow make it light, so it doesn’t mess up the water, with muddy run off!! Where my friend mike says muddy water warms up quicker, my experience has been that it is colder!! But there is a caviot in this! If the water is always muddy in the spring it might warm up quicker, but new muddy water is cold! So go go find a happy medium like muddy water meeting clear water and you could have a fun day! The pike bite is good in the creeks in Ohio, on jerk baits and spoons! But they turn on and off like somebody hit a switch!! Have fun and stay warm my friends!!

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