My gonna hafta muss ya up?

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Sitting at the firehouse this evening, a cooper hawk came swooshing in to the pine tree, behind the station, with a small bird, in his clutches.

Following or should I say chasing him was a juvenile red tail hawk, sitting just 15 ft away atop a light pole

Now if I have ever seen a will to live or eat, this cooper hawk, never moves!! He is locked up, watching the juvenile red tail, and after 20 minutes he drops the small bird he had a hold of


Ok now the red tail decides to move to a different pole to get a better view, and to say’ I am a chicken hawk, and your a chicken! , you comin quietly or am I gonna hafta muss ya up??

In this picture you can see the outline of the retail just behind the cooper hawk

Now finally, the red tail juvenile gives up a flys away , but only after jumping over into the tree, only to find out he couldn’t maneuver between the branches. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good picture of him in the tree! Now the cooper is a little relaxed and movi g around , but still in the tree , ever so cautiously!

Phew!! That was close, I’m getting my dinner and I’m outta here! Peace out firemen!!


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