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Hey all of my newbies to the fishing world! That’s you Mrs Dietsch!! I hope you found everything you wanted! For all you folks looking to get into fishing it is not an expensive venture! Previously I wrote a small story about fishing with cane poles with your children. You can still do that for yourselves , but you can also get a few more items. Step up to a spinning or spin cast rod and reel combo, and just a few basic lures that will catch numerous different species of fish. Zebco makes both combos.
You can’t ever go wrong with a Zebco 33 combo, which is a spincast combo. Spool it up with 6-10 lb test monofilament line like Stren. Now for your lures, stay with small offers in the 1/8 -1/4 oz
Lures like the Rebel wee crawfish or teeny wee craw, Rebel wee-r or Bomber model a’s will be easy to cast on light line. Choose basic colors, shad, crawfish, and bluegill to get you started.
Short arm spinner baits and inline spinners are good. Stay under 1/4 oz. and we can’t forget twister tail grubs and beetle spins!! Get a fanny pack to keep your stuff at finger tips! And don’t forget basic tools like a small pocket knife, needle nose pliers and side cutters, WAIT! You can get all that in a leatherman tool! Check out the following pictures to get a feel of the gear I am talking about!












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