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      Hello everyone!, just returned from a 4 day weekend up in South West New York at Lake Chautauqua, near  Jamestown. We had some rocky weather the previous week. Which really did a number on the bass, by pulling them back to the edge of the spawning areas. This time of year the bass are swarming the shallows in their yearly spawning ritual. The bass were really scattered, only picking up a few fish hear and there, no real pattern for us dock/shallow water fisherman. As the day wore on, the bass would pull up shallow on a few docks around the lake, which we were lucky to find. The lures we used and caught the majority of our fish were chartreuse and crawfish colored StrikeKing 1.5 crank bait retrieved really slow on Stren monofilament line 12-15 lb test. on med heavy Quantum crank bait rod, paired with Quantum 1170TE reel. As I said reeled painfully slow!. the other lures we used were Yamamoto 5″ Senkos in black, pearl gold and goby colors on 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG worm hook, tied to 10lb fluorocarbon line on medium action Halo spinning rod paired with Quantum TE40 spinning reel. these were also fished painfully slow around the edges of the docks, and right on the bank around  marina docks. As I said we were extremely lucky to find the fish, as our other compadres were not as lucky!

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