Scored an A+

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I have said this a lot! Do your homework , Do your homework!! Wait a minute, seems like I heard that before from somebody?? Oh yeah, my mom and dad said it a thousand times! Even though it’s been awhile since they said that to me! I still do it but on a whole different level. From fishing to hunting or any other outdoor activity you need to do a little ‘homework’. It always pays off with big dividends! A friend of mine, son Gage did his homework this late summer into fall, scouting put his hunting area, and it payed off 8 tines! He sat down, and out pops this big boy from behind a bush, and he hit it with a good clean, broad side kill shot with his muzzle loader.


Congrats gage when the bruiser gets back from process, I expect a loin or two!!
And I would like to give a well done to mom and dad for teaching your kids to hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors

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