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Spring is trying to come but ol man winter keeps trying to hold on for as long as he can! And I am ready to go fishing! Looks like I might have to start out in some of the small streams and ponds that dot the land here in the valley! As they will usually warm up quicker because of being small and shallow. I usually start out the spring with small offerings to give a fish because they will be easier for the fish you are seeking to catch. In the cold water the fish are lethargic, metabolism is slow and trying to chase large prey uses too much energy ! So I use lures that are 1/4 oz or smaller.Any-thing to match small bugs, worms, minnows, crawfish.
The lures I like to use are inline spinners such as mepps or rooster tails, regular skirted spinnerbaits ,such as strike king bitsy spin, booyah pond magic, these will be the more bulky of the lures I use. As I continue to move smaller I go pretty much beetle spin or twister tail grubs all on 1/8 oz head and many different colors. Top water I will use any small popper, shad or prop bait such as popR, bass assassin or tiny torpedo. If I need to go really slow I will go to soft plastic worms or caws like berkley power worm 6″ or smaller, 3″ or smaller crawfish with 3/16 or smaller pinch on bullet weight. Try using 2/0 or smaller worm hooks. Senkos are good too, stay with 4 in or smaller. These are straight tail worms that are kinda fat in the middle and loaded with salt. These are some good types of lures to start with and fairly cheap! In the picture below you see a marker looking thing. It is actually dye that you can apply to change up the color of the tails with. Most common colors used are chartreuse or fluorescent red.
The rods you will want to use are light to med light action 6′ spinning rod on average. Maybe a 2 or 3 size spinning reel. Line size should be 6-8 lb flourocarbon line. Since the smaller reels hold less line you can probably get away with maybe 110 yds or so of line. I have two other similar stories that I posted on here , so go check them out. One is called newbie and the other spring fever!
I hope these stories will help you catch some nice fish this spring or at least have fun doing it!






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