Spring Fever

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The spring is coming fast! While it might not feel like, it s definitely almost here! As fisherman we don’t really think about much besides, brand new shiny tackle and boats, so we think we will be catching that monster fish this spring! What we don’t think about is our safety while on the water and what to wear to stay warm!
Here are my thoughts on this subject. Safety is always number 1! Before you go make sure family knows where your going and when u will be back! PFD ,PFD, PFD!! I can’t state that enough! The water is cold!! Make sure you have a way to get back in your boat in case you fall out!!I have plucked too many drowned boaters out of the waterways in my time! So make sure you take safety with you always. Now off my rant, there are a lot of products out there to keep you warm and not make you feel all restricted from your clothing. Onyx had an insulated rain jacket/ life vest combo, that eliminates wearing PFD’S !
Simms has all kinds of clothing from wool socks to gloves to keep you warm and dry. underarms also has cold weather gear to keep you warm and mobile. Choose a lightweight footwear that will keep your feet warm or you can wear neoprene and wool socks! Just from experience, when your feet are cold the rest of your body gets cold!
Hand Warner’s for your pockets are a good thing to have especially if you have to pull your gloves off to re-tie a lure. Don’t forget hats. There are many types to choose, with wool being the least expensive! And just as effective as higher end stuff . Cabelas, BPS, Gander, LLbean ,
Outdoor ProShop and many others have plenty of good cold weather gear to choose from. Layering your gear works well to keep warm, but don’t turn yourself into the StayPuff marshmallow man doing so! Remember, keep mobile! And last ALWAYS HAVE a complete spare change of clothes including a coat in a waterproof bag on board when you are out enjoying the outdoors this year!!

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