Summertime Largemouth Action

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Well the days have been pretty hot here lately this weather today was a nice break! Hopefully the daytime fishing will get better. But in the meantime, don’t be afraid to venture out to your local lakes and give the fishing under darkness a try! You will not be disappointed. My bass fishing club has been out a few times this year on Portage lake system in Akron/Canton area, Seneca Lake just south of Cambridge , Wolf Run lake in Caldwell, and Stonewall Jackson Lake in Weston , WV.

Full moon fever
Full moon fever


I must say I did better than I have in the past fishing at night! They say practice makes perfect! Right? Fish this time of year like to hide and ambush their pray. And their  cover could be anything from a dock , submerged and floating weed beds, trees, logs, boulders and even boats! Lures of choice can differ greatly depending on where you fish and the mood the fish are in. The water temperature is now  in the 80 degree range, and that tends to make fish a little lethargic, so they want to sit and wait for their food to come to them. The fish generally like it slow! I like to begin at night with a large profile bait like a Berkley 10″ power worm or similar bait, and adjust size as I go through the night, maybe bigger or smaller or even faster with a crank bait or spinner bait. You should also try different colors  as well as rattles added to your lures.

Bandit 300 crank Berkley Havoc 10" Charmers 7.5"
Bandit 300 crank
Berkley Havoc 10″
Charmers 7.5″

The area I fished the past two trips were in different areas one had weeds while the other had large rocks and lay downs. I was using soft plastics both times, the weed lake I was fishing the outside edge of weed line in 15-20 ft of water, and the rocky lake the fish were 4-7 feet deep. When the morning came, I caught a couple of bass on a crank bait in weed edge. John, Mike, Rick , Rocky, Bernie, and Tim, all caught several fish, most were in the deeper water on and in the weed lines, caught on a similar lures, such as Zoom worms 7 and 10″ black and junebug. Chiggercraws, blue fleck power worms, flip tail worms and Deep diving crankbait. Thecommon thread was slow! And around the weeds. The Stonewall trip was also slow but on lay downs and rocks

Here’s a few fish we caught during these 3 trips!


Wolf Run, Bernie
Wolf Run, Bernie
Stonewall 20"
Stonewall 20″
WolfRun walleye
WolfRun walleye
Stonewall 18"
Stonewall 18″
Portage lakes Skinny 17
Portage lakes Skinny 17









Portage 16" I think? On frog
Portage 16″ I think? On frog


Early morning crank bait action 15"
Early morning crank bait action 15″


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