Sweet country and sweet kid

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Good evening my friends! Today my family and I took a short drive out to Vincent, Ohio to visit Sweetapple Farm. Located just west of Marietta . We arrived around 330 this afternoon , and it wasn’t too crowded to our pleasure! The parking was very convenient, as it was right next to the buildings , in the grass.  We started our afternoon just checking out the buildings on the farm. The main building is a market , you can buy home decor stuff !









There there was surprisingly a lot to do and see out here! There is a HUGE corn maze for you to get lost in! Don’t worry ,They have maps! There’s also one barn that is set up for kids to paint pumpkins and build scare crows! my grandson got a little crazy with the paint brush! We went ride on a semi hay ride(no hay) through the cow pastures, hoping the cows would come up to the trailer to hand feed them, but no luck! However the next hayride they did!r








After the hayride we went around checking out the animals. There were several small goats that you could feed, and the grandson was rather tickled over that! One crazy goat would climb up a structure to get food out of a bucket, that is sent up by a rope pulley system! rather funny! they have 3 little pigs that race, but were tired and sleeping after previous race. There also several chickens and ducks!








Time flew by while we were feeding the goats some grass, and one of the little rascals almost got a home décor piece that I was carrying! It had hay on it! So we went and pet the farm dog, which was very friendly male mutt!  Then we went to do some family pictures!








So overall we had a great time walking around the farm!  Our grandson really had a great time, including the pumpkin painting! The activities did have a small fee associated with them. If you go, bring cash or a checkbook, as they do not do credit card! Its truly a great time in the country to be had with your family!




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