Swimmin with fishies!

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Snapshot 1 (8-31-2014 7-40 PM) I Went to Gilboa Rock Quarry this past weekend to work on my dive master certification, and do a little diving, and filming as well. I went diving with Paul Verbanick’s open water diver class, to observe them, and Paul, which is part of the dive master cert, and keep up with the students so they didn’t get disoriented in the water, and to be there for them if they had any problems. The water clarity was pretty good, crystal clear for a fresh water lake anyhow. The water temperature was about 75 degrees which made it nice in a 3mm wet suit! The thermocline was at 29ft, but I didn’t catch the temp difference on my computer, as I was more interested in the critters swimming around. First things first! get ready! always get a goodnight sleep before diving and avoid alcohol. Diving takes a lot of energy and you can get dehydrated while diving from a night a night of drinking!. Now have a good breakfast! you want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed! bring snacks, lunch and plenty of water to drink! While waiting between dives you should be drinking! and having a snack or lunch. ok time to get your gear ready! have it laid out on a tarp in a orderly fashion. After you assemble your gear, go over it and check function of regulators and bc inflator, then you, and your dive buddy go over each others gear! imageimageimage














Next go check out your entry point for hazards and obstacles, so you can determine the best route. We were entering by floating docks, which provided a very easy access! however on that note, there were still hazards to deal with, before you get down there with all your gear on. In our case there was a pretty good slip hazard. The wood walk way going to dock was wet and muddy, so I warned my fellow divers to go slow and use the handrail. imageimage We entered the water using a ‘Giant Stride” entry method into the water. While waiting on everyone to get in, I could see a few fish swimming around the tree tops and submerged platform. During the dive, most of the fish we saw were nice size rainbow trout, and a mix of trophy size smallmouth bass mixed in.There were scattered sunfish and largemouth swimming around, with an occasional catfish sneaking by the camera! There are some paddlefish in the water, but they tend to stay away from the dive areas of the quarry. We stopped at an artificial cover(reef) which was an old school bus, to give the fish a little treat!,and those rascals were very hungry little hogs!! Then we continued the tour around the shallow area of the quarry for the students to do a few skills.It was a nice slow dive, and the students did great!  No problems were encountered. It was rather enjoyable to watch these new divers enjoy the other 79% of the earth for the first time! Oh! leave your fishing gear at home, no fishing allowed, for these fish and critters are protected.


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