The Rain is Falling

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Well I was able to take a little me time today, and headed out to local pond for a couple of hours.
The weather wasn’t exactly reflect, but the fish didn’t care, nor did I .. For a little while anyhow.. This time of year , especially when we get a cold front move through get the fish moving and lookin for something good to eat. Today I fed them a 1/2oz chart/ white , double willow Strike King spinner bait, on a med action rod with 20 lb fluorocarbon line, and fished it with an irregular retrieve. Also fed them a green pumpkin colored bait called the’ Thief’ by Berkley, and a 6″ Mann’s Jelly worm in Grape and Black Grape colors on 3/0 Mustad EWG hook, with 1/4 oz bullet sinker fished slow. Most of the fish were in the 12″-13 ” range, with a couple that were 15 “. But those pond bass fight like they are sharks! Here’s a couple of pictures of the fish.



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