Timing is everything

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Like I said a little ground work, a few cameras in the right places is the difference in filling the freezer or going home empty handed. Grant, Excellent job on your first deer this year!
C’mon My other friend, get that beast!!

Grant took this deer with Barnett Jackel crossbow Barnett 20″ bolt, and Rage 2 mechanical broad head at 13 yards from tree stand. Good shooting there fella!!




Lets go My other friend , its your turn!!! Wild Game Innovations trail cams were used , price range varied from $60 to $120. Prices on trail cams will vary based on how many megapixel they are. So depending on what your plan on the use of your pictures, you don’t need a super expensive camera to see what you have in your woods!! nice pics!! Deer hunters are not much different from us fisherman! Protect location of honey hole!

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