Tools of the trade

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Just finished the guide wrapping on this rod, and. Y eyes are crossed, I’ll tell you! I used nano-micro eyes for this build and there are 11 of them for a 7′ rod. The size of these are about as big as an 81 mg baby aspirin as seen in this picture.

If you have the patience you can get creative and make all kinds of designs, but beware the more you put on the rod so increases the weight of the rod

Now when building a rod, you need certain equipment to make the job easier, such as several different colors of thread, emery boards, burning tool(the yellow thingy in picture), scalpel or xacto knife, rod wrapping tool motorized , or a home made one will work just as well, good quality masking tape to hold the eyes on the rod, tip or ferrel glue, oh and coffee in the morning and your favorite afternoon beverage what ever that may be!!


Now onto mixing of the finish. You can use a product specifically for rod building or a 30 min epoxy. Both are a hardener/ resin formula that you mix 50/50. Use a small syringe with the rod finish(the stuff on the right), or pour the resin, using a keen eye to make sure you are even!. Now stir them until they turn clear as the bubbles from mixing dissipate. I used a wood Popsicle stick to mix, and a 1/4 brush to apply to threads. The ‘pros’ say use a metal spatula to help reduce the amount of bubbles in the mix. So far I haven’t had trouble with the bubbles.


Now you need to let the finish dry. It is best to put it on a drying stand with a motor, otherwise rotate your rod every five minutes, until it is hard, which will be 30 minutes or so and 60 minutes with the rod finish. Then give it 24 hours to fully cure. If you need a second coat, which you will with the rod finish, u can apply now after it cured but no later than 48 hours, or it may not adhere correctly. Here’s is my two sources

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