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Have you ever wondered about what’s going on inside your bait casting fishing reel? Most fisherman are familiar with the inner workings of their equipment, and able to maintain them to a point! The reels we have today are similar but way different than the reels we used 20 to 30 years ago! And the ones from the early 1900’s? Very simple design.


There are lots of small moving parts inside these things. Most are made of a combination of materials from a hard plastic to magnesium, aluminum and brass, copper, and carbon fiber material. Oh and don’t forget about felt. Below is an illustration of the entire components, followed by picture of main drive components, including main gear , pinion and gear, bearing, and worm shaft and line guide, as well as the drag disk(brakes).
This is pretty much your engine


When you purchase fishing gear, it is always a good plan to keep the box and all your paper work, plus some reels come with a few replacement parts. Your manual will have schematic of the reel, and oiling instructions. If you decide to clean and oil your reel, it is a good practice to take digital photos as you disassemble plus, lay parts in order of removal as the photos above show. Trust me, I have fixed and maintained reels for 30 plus years, and I always have a schematic handy, as well as my camera phone.
Now regarding oils for your reel, there are numerous types and brands on the market, including Abu Garcia , Shimano, Ardent Reel Butter, and Quantum Hot Sauce to name a few readily available.

Reel grease is also important for the gears, and some of the low speed bearings. There are many to choose from as well, Cal’s is a good choice or what ever you have available at your tackle shop.

If just looking at the parts or even thinking about having to clean them gives you a headache, take them to a reel repair shop, or mail them to manufacturer to clean them. Prices for cleaning and inspecting for damage to a reel runs from 15 to 25 a reel on average.
I clean reels for for folks and rather enjoy it! So if you don’t want to deal with them , give me a ring!

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