A little helping hand!

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So , as the days carry on.. So does our vision, right to the eye doctor! Which for us fisherman is a real hassle not being able to see as well as we like! There are many ways to help, from contacts to prescription lenses, and cheap set of ‘cheaters’ aka reading glasses! But a friend of mine turned me on to neat little trick, that’s even good for the person with the best vision.
So we all at some point have had issues threading a hook with fishing line due to any number of reasons. So my friend started using pieces of dental floss that has a loop built in.

The blue color of these will help with the visual part, plus they are kinda stiff so treading them will be a little easier than limp fishing line

All you do is put the floss thru the hook eye, then thread your fishing line thru the blue loop and pull it thru!! Now tie your knot!


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