What are these guys thinking?

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I don’t know know about you, but these bones find it hard to go out in the cold weather we have been having this past week… HOWEVER!! A fight with one of these guys might get my blood flowing, where I will be able to tolerate the cold!
My friend, Mike from licking county was out the other day and had some open water in a local creek, and hooked up with about 7 smallmouth bass, and pike or two. He ventures out almost everyday, and even at night chasing walleye! He is your consummate fisherman! Just about anywhere in the area, if you can find open water with a slow eddy, or slack water in the creek, with a little deeper water near, chances are you will get bit. There are many species in our rivers and creeks that bite year around, from pike, to suckers, to smallmouth bass.

You just have to be prepared with the right gear, including your clothes. That’s right, you gotta layer up, from thermal underwear, to wool socks and insulated boots, or shoes that give you sure footing next to the river. You have to keep your core warm. As soon as you digits get cold , you are done for the day! Stay away from cotton, as it doesn’t wick moister away from your body and has no insulating qualities, in fact if absorbs and keeps sweat next to your skin. Think under armour, wool undies and socks, or polyester underwear. This is your base layer


Next is your mid layer, think polartek, this is your insulator

Now your outlet layer is important to stop wind. May be insulated or non. It needs to be breathable so your perspiration can vent. And depending on your weather, be it sunny, snow or rain, you have to decide waterproof or not. Also you want to look for light weight and non restrictive clothing

There are several different waterproof materials used, most common is Gore-Tex. Key



Now for your feet and hands, you want some insulation, again many different types of insulation from, th insulate, to merino wool. And ensure a comfortable fit. The worst thing you could do is get a pair of tight or snug boots. And use good wool socks. LL Bean has some good stuff


Don’t forget you fingers and ears. Gloves should fit comfortable, not tight. Many models come fingerless , or have a mitten flap that folds back. Or you can use full finger such as under armour cold weather gear gloves, but it might be hard to feel when tying knots. And some gloves still let you use your smart phone without having to remove your glove

And you just can’t beat a wool toboggan , skull cap, or as Canadian’s call it a ‘tuke’! Just don’t get one with tassels , or I will pull your man card!!

A new idea lately instead of a scarf, there is a neck gaitor, which also comes up to cover your face, nose and ears

WOW, all this just to catch a fish? Well yea, but it’s good for all your outdoors activities such as hunting, snow skiing, hiking! Or whatever else you like to do! Now for a few more smallmouth that were caught on December 30 and January 6.




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